4 Product Life of the Convivial Tool

Articles on the product life of convivial tools, including technical support, such as user documentation and customer service.

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Sunday 22 July 2007
by  Administrator

2 On-line Information about Technical Tools

The first step in using tools, convivial or otherwise, is the selection and purchase of the required tool. In the internet era, the selection of a tool generally involves at some point the consultation of on-line information sources. The present document aims to be an encyclopedia-type article (...)
Wednesday 13 June 2007
by  Administrator

1 Specific Technical Tools to be discussed on the User Guide Site

Specific technical tool products will be described and evaluated on a separate companion website, which will be called the Convivial Tools User Guide. Classification and Desription of Technical Tools in the User Guide It was originally planned to classify technical tools on the Convivial (...)