3.1 Principles of Mental Conviviality

This heading presents the generall principles of Mental Conviviality. An incomplete list of foreseen contents of this section is as follows:
  • What is meant by Mental Conviviality?
  • How ideas can be seen as tools
  • A short history of epistemology
  • The conceptual scheme and its employment

This section's articles

Thursday 28 June 2007
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2 Words and ideas seen as tools

It is often suggested that words and ideas function as tools, but it remains difficult to find this principle clearly expressed. A few examples are presented below. There is some question whether the present article should be considered "original research" and therefore removed from this (...)
Monday 11 June 2007
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1 What is Meant by Mental Conviviality?

The heading "Mental Conviviality" covers the domain of mental phenomena considered as tools or artefacts. It treats of ideas, conceptual schemes and language systems from the point of view whereby they can be regarded as "tools." Illich, like others before him, noted that ideas, conceptual (...)