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Friday 10 August 2007
by  Administrator

6 License for the pages on this site

All pages on this site are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License. Both the preceding text link and the following symbol link will direct you to the page on the Creative Commons website that describes the Attribution 3.0 License: The Attribution License states that you (...)
Friday 20 July 2007
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5 History of this Website

I had been thinking about convivial tools and related themes for years. However, the creation of a website on the theme turned out to be more difficult than expected. Initial creation of the Convivial Tools website I first decided to create a website about Convivial Tools in early 2005. At (...)
Thursday 19 July 2007
by  Administrator

2 How You Can Help

This site aims to provide theoretical background, practical information and identification of resources pertaining to convivial tools. You can help by: indicating errors or inaccuracies pointing out relevant ideas or thinkers that we have overlooked identifying particularly useful books or (...)
Sunday 8 July 2007
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4 Host Server for this Site

This site is hosted on the servers of Ouvaton, a cooperative of websites located in France. The Ouvaton website can be found at the following link: OUVATON
Thursday 14 June 2007
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3 Software Used for This Site

This site was made with SPIP, a free Content Management System (CMS) developed and widely used in France. The following is a link to the official SPIP website: SPIP SPIP, like many other Content Management Systems, is based on the following combination of programs: The web programming (...)
Tuesday 12 June 2007
by  Administrator

1 About Us

This site was created by Michael Slattery. Some of my other Internet activities are listed here: User:Michael at http://interdb.org You can send me email at: slatteraz@gmail.com