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Friday 10 August 2007
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6 License for the pages on this site

All pages on this site are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License. Both the preceding text link and the following symbol link will direct you to the page on the Creative Commons website that describes the Attribution 3.0 License: The Attribution License states that you (...)
Wednesday 8 August 2007
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3 Open Source Hardware

Definition of Open Source Hardware Wikipedia defines "open source hardware" as follows: Open source hardware refers to computer and electronic hardware that is designed in the same fashion as free and open-source software. In an article on the Open Collector website Graham Seaman suggests (...)
Thursday 26 July 2007
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3 Planned Table of Contents for this Site

As explained in the article The Conviviality Project, this website is a work-in-progress. The goals is to develop a small Encyclopedia of Convivial Tools (see the article Is this website an Encyclopedia?. The list of contents automatically generated by Site Map is thus incomplete. The (...)
Tuesday 24 July 2007
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6 Others

Other characteristics of Technical Conviviality include: 6 Ergonomics 7 Simplicity 8 Robustness 9 Open access 10 Modularity 11 Recyclability 12 Environmental friendliness 13 Social friendliness 14 Promotion of autonomy 15 Full service 16 Eutrapelia This article is a (...)
Monday 23 July 2007
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6 Lee Felsenstein and the Convivial Computer

Lee Felsenstein, one of early developers of the personal computer, had read Ivan Illich and was influenced by his vision of convivial tools. As stated in the Wikipedia article on Felsenstein: Lee was influenced in his philosophy by the works of Ivan Illich, particularly "Tools for (...)