1 What is Meant by Social Conviviality?

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The term Social Conviviality refers to an approach in which social constructs such as social systems and social organisations are considered to be tools or mechanisms for the achievement of social and individual ends.

As mentioned elsewhere on this site, in the article "Ideas as Tools", it has long been recognised that ideas function as tools, but it is difficult to find texts where this principle is clearly expressed.

In the same way, it is widely recognised that social systems and organisations operate as instruments, but it is difficult to find clear statements of this principle. This site attempts to identify examples of authors or schools of thought that explicitly consider social systems and organisations as implements for the satisfaction of collective or individual needs.

The ultimate goal of this investigation of Social Conviviality is to suggest possible approaches to the design and development of social constructs, in order to increase the autonomous efficiency of the individual in achieving personal objectives. In other words, in considering social systems and organisations as “tools”, we will try to offer leads for making them convivial.