1 What is Meant by Personal Conviviality?

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"Personal Conviviality" covers an approach to the survival and well-being of the individual in everyday life, under which psychic and social constructs are seen as tools or mechanisms made available for individual use.

Ivan Illich defined Convivial Tools as those which increase the autonomy of the user. At the same time, he interpreted the word "tool" in the widest sense, to refer to all useful human constructs, including ideas and conceptual schemes.

Under the other headings of this site, we have considered the use of human constructs as tools for dealing with technical, mental and social situations. There remains however an additional dimension, one which is so fundmental that it tends to be overlooked. This is the dimension of personal survival in the jungle of the agora.

This heading covers the more practical aspects of individual use of "tools", using this term in the widest sense, while other headings cover the more theoretical aspects. For example, the heading "Mental Conviviality" covers the theory of how people use conceptual schemes to guide their individual decisions, while "Personal Conviviality" covers the practical assimilation by individuals of conceptual schemes from how-to books and web sites.