3 Software Used for This Site

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This site was made with SPIP, a free Content Management System (CMS) developed and widely used in France. The following is a link to the official SPIP website:


SPIP, like many other Content Management Systems, is based on the following combination of programs:

  • The web programming language PHP
  • The web formatting language HTML
  • The web database program MySQL.

The page elements (title, text, photos, etc.) are stored in the database until they are called out by the PHP program, which applies standard HTML stylesheets to format the pages for viewing.

SPIP also uses a "cache" to temporarily store recently viewed pages, so that they can be viewed by visitors without having to be recalculated (reformatted) each time they are called up by a new visitor.

The version of SPIP used for this site is SPIP-v1-8-2-e.