1 Specific Technical Tools to be discussed on the User Guide Site

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Specific technical tool products will be described and evaluated on a separate companion website, which will be called the Convivial Tools User Guide.

Classification and Desription of Technical Tools in the User Guide

It was originally planned to classify technical tools on the Convivial Tools User Guide following the US Schedule B Export Code.

It was also planned that the entry for each individual type of Technical Tool on the Convivial Tools User Guide should respect a standard structure, which might be as follows:

    Description of the tool
      Standard functions and specifications
      Variable functions and options
      How it works
      Maintenance and repair
    Commercialisation of the tool
    Evaluation of products
      Comparative evaluation of products
      Recommended products
    Links concerning the tool
      Links to documentation
      Links to manufacturers and distributors

However, the above classification now appears rigid and unnecessary. It may be preferable simply to let the information on the User Guide evolve following its own logic

Evaluation of Technical Tools on a Wiki?

It was originally foreseen that the detailed information and evaluations concerning individual tools would be entered by the contributors to the Convivial Tools User Guide, following the principle of a wiki

However, for a number of reasons it has been considered preferable to protect the User Guide site against random editing.