1 Illich and Convivial Philosophy

Under this heading are presented the general principles of conviviality, in the sense intended by Ivan Illich, as well as an introduction to the structure and purpose of this website.

2 Movements Related to Convivial Tools

Movements related to Ivan Illich’s philosophy of Convivial Tools include:
  • Appropriate Technology and its Variations
  • The Whole Earth Catalog and its Spin-offs

3 Design of Convivial Tools

The design of technical tools:

  • Characteristics of technical tools
  • Approaches to convivial design

4 Product Life of the Convivial Tool

Articles on the product life of convivial tools, including technical support, such as user documentation and customer service.

5 About Us

7 Original Research

This section contains articles which were originally written for this website, but which have since been deemed to present "original research."

Since this website aims to be an encyclopedia, it should present only established knowledge, and articles presenting original research should be moved to a separate website. Such a website remains to be created, and the original research articles are therefore temporarily stored in this section.